Why and How to Give

Why should I give to Just Economics?

  1. We work on pressing issues–Living Wages, Affordable Housing, and Better Transit. Whether or not you are economically secure, building a better economic community impacts us all. Affordability is a major and pressing concern in Western North Carolina, particularly in Buncombe County.  When more people are making a living wage, have secure and affordable housing, and can access reliable transportation, we will have a community with fewer of the problems that accompany poverty and a more just and sustainable local economy.
  2. We work directly with individuals impacted by economic injustice. This including bus riders, workers and tenants through our Better Buses Together Campaign, our WNC Workers’ Assembly and our Tenants’ Network.  People impacted by the problems have direct insight into solutions that work.  For example, people struggling with the lack of affordable housing came up with the idea for the Centralized Rental Application, and bus riders developed winning campaigns to improve the bus system.
  3. We get results.  While our staff is small, our impact is big. We have been able to work with our members, partners, and allies to move the needle on several major issues.  For example, we have the largest voluntary Living Wage Certification program in the country and have helped put more than $20 million in the hands of low wage workers over the years.  We also have helped to pass local policy and just this year we worked with our affiliate–the Living Wage Coalition of Transylvania County–to pass a paid parental leave policy in Brevard making it one of only a handful of rural municipalities in the state with such a policy.

How do I give to Just Economics?

  1. Donate online here or mail a check to:  Just Economics, PO Box 2396, Asheville, NC 28802
  2. Make a donation through Give Local for additional incentives and a chance to win a gift certificate to either Sauna House or Jargon!
  3. Bring a donation to the Just Economics’ Annual Celebration on December 7th, 6-9pm at Habitat’s event space–33 Meadow Rd., Asheville.  This is a free event and everyone is invited.  Big thanks to Asheville FM for being a Revolutionary Media Sponsor of the event.  Check out our great list of raffle prizes:  
  • $480 Gift Certificate for Nuthatch Garden Services
  • 8 person wine tasting from Metro Wines ($300 value)
  • $100 Gift Certificate for Pinecrest Bed and Breakfast
  • Gift Baskets from Red Moon Herbs
  • 12 months of coffee from Round Earth Roasters
  • Gift from Everyday Oil
  • Gift from the Pisgah Conservancy
  • Gift Certificate from Riverside Rhapsody
  • Gift Certificate for acupuncture
  • Raffle Prize from the Dripolator
  • Gift from Two Trees Distillery
  • Gift Certificate for a massage from Relax and Rejuvenate
  • Gift Certificate for Curate
  • Gift Basket from the L.O.F.T.

Join Us!  Thanks again to Asheville FM for their media sponsorship of the Annual Celebration.

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