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Our Policy Advocacy Focus on Living Wages, Improved Transit and Affordable Housing.

Just Economics has a Policy Advocacy Committee that meets at least every other month as part of our Bi-monthly general meetings.  Just Economics hosts our bi-monthly meeting the third Tuesday of every other month at 6:30 at the United Way.  The Policy Advocacy Committee shapes the focus of our policy advocacy work and develops strategy.  This committee developed our policy directions and policy advocacy process which was approved by our Board of Directors, our decision-making body.

About 2/3 of our policy advocacy work is done locally (City, County) and about 1/3 is statewide through coalition work.  We focus on living wages through our work with economic development in the region; we will move forward with Better Buses Together – a campaign to improve the bus system; and we will continue work on affordable housing through the coalition work of the Success Equation-a project of Children First/CIS of Buncombe County.  We are also a partner of Family Friendly Affordable Buncombe.

Just Economics has a list of policy directions that guide what we do and don’t get involved with and our policy advocacy decision tree helps us to determine what our level of engagement is. Our policy directions can be viewed and downloaded here.

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