The Centralized Rental Application Transforming the Rental Process

Introducing the Centralized Rental Application (CRA)

At Just Economics we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize the rental application process making it easier for tenants and landlords.  Today, we are proud to announce that the Centralized Rental Application site is now live accepting landlords, and we expect the site to include units for rent for tenants in the next few weeks. We need your support to share this exciting news and help get this tool off the ground and into use!

What is the Centralized Rental Application (CRA)?

The CRA is an online rental application tool that allows tenants to apply for rental units with one application and one small fee and enables landlords to simplify their application process.  The tool also allows tenants the opportunity to provide information that may help to mitigate any negative marks on their rental, credit or criminal background.

How did the Centralized Rental Application Come About?

The idea for the Centralized Rental Application was born from the Voices for Economic Justice program of 2019 in discussions with program participants who were struggling to find housing. Several graduates from the 2019 Voices for Economic Justice class continued to work with Just Economics staff and the newly formed Affordable Housing Strategy Team to build on the concept. Over the last two years Just Economics has been working with a local company–PRC Applications–to develop the technology for this tool.

What are the Benefits of the Centralized Rental Application?

For Tenants
Simplified Application Process: With the CRA, you can apply to multiple properties with just one application.
Cost-Efficient: A one-time $21 background fee covers up to 5 applications daily for 30 days.
Optional Application Add-On Page: This feature allows you to provide additional information and connect with our partners to mitigate any negative marks on your rental, credit, or criminal background
Secure and Confidential: Your information is protected and handled with the utmost care.

For Landlords
Be a Community Leader: Showcase your commitment to alleviating the financial burden and stress of tenant applications.
Simplified Application Management: Review tenant applications in one platform.
Time and Cost Savings: Reduce paperwork and streamline the rental process while reaching a larger pool of potential renters.
Enhanced Tenant Profiles: Gain additional insights through the optional add-on page.

How Can You Help?

We are calling on you to share this important information far and wide. 

If you are a landlord, we encourage you to sign up for the CRA by mid-August. It only takes a few minutes to open an account and fill out the landlord profile, and you can do this even if you do not currently have units available.  Once you have units available you can easily add them to the site.  By doing so, you not only streamline your application process but also demonstrate your dedication to alleviating the financial burden and stress associated with tenant applications. 
This link provides more info and directions for landlord sign-up.

If you’re a tenant, you can fill out an application at any time, and the application is free until you apply for a unit that requires a background check.  The background check will cost $21 and is good for 30 days.  We encourage you not to move forward with the background check until the site has rental units available that you are interested in applying for. We will invite you to plan to check out the available rental units soon.

If you are a community member interested in helping to get this innovative tool off the ground, you can help out by:

  • Sharing the tool with landlords you know and encourage them to fill out a profile.
  • Spreading the word about the tool
  • Volunteering or joining Just Economics’ Affordable Housing Strategy Team 

Let’s Transform the Rental Market Together

The Centralized Rental Application is a significant step forward in transforming the rental application process. It offers unique advantages for tenants seeking their next home and landlords looking to fill their properties.

By supporting and spreading the word about the CRA, we can together contribute to a more positive, efficient, and accessible rental market. Please join us in this exciting initiative by signing up (if you’re a landlord) by mid-August and, if you’re a tenant, prepare to sign up later in the month.

Thank you for your support in making the rental process easier for everyone. Together, we can make a difference for tenants, landlords, and our whole community.

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