Celebrate Living Wage Week!

Join Just Economics and other Living Wage Programs in the United States and around the world in celebrating International Living Wage Week from November 14th – November 18th!  Living Wage Week is a celebration that draws attention to our certification programs and Living Wage Certified Employers, while highlighting the growing international push for better wages for low wage workers.

Did You Know:

  • Just Economics currently operates the largest Living Wage Certification Program in the country, with a current roster of 460 employers, growing every month!  Check out the online directory and find businesses and organizations in your area that have committed to Living Wages.
  • Just Economics also leads the National Living Wage Network, with existing and founding organizations stretched from Colorado to New Hampshire.  Click here to learn more about the network and all the great work that our partner organizations are engaged in to help low wage workers.
  • This also marks the one year anniversary of Living Wage for US – a national certification organization using a model to calculate both the cost of living in each and every county in the United States and various forms of compensation and remuneration to certify companies all across the country.  Living Wage for Us has been working in conjunction with our partner organizations from the Living Wage Network as we strive to create the biggest impact for our mission.

There are so many ways that you can participate in this important celebration marking the work done at Just Economics and around the world!

  • Through the week of November 14th through November 18th, look for “International Living Wage Week” signs, “I Support Living Wages” buttons, and blue/green streamers in the entry of various businesses around Asheville.  These displays will highlight the Living Wage Certified employers in our local community.  Shop, eat, and drink in these establishments and tell them “thank you” for being a partner of Just Economics and supporting Living Wages.
  • On Monday, November 14th from 6pm-7pm Just Economics will be hosting the first in-person Employer Networking Event in many years!  This will be at the Cloud Room at the Wedge Foundation on Foundy St.  We will begin with a presentation – The Local and National Living Wage Movements – Where Does Your Business Fit?  This will touch on the history of Just Economics, the national organization Living Wage for US, and how your company or organization might benefit from dual certification.  There will also be a free networking session for employers to talk with one another and discuss common concerns and successes.  There is still availability for employers interested in tabling at this event – email me and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Additionally, the first round of beers are being covered by David Trout of Trout Insurance! – thanks, David!  RSVP via email eric@justeconomicswnc.org or phone 828-505-7466 or on Facebook – it’s going to be a great night, and all are invited.
  • On Thursday November 17th Just Economics, the US Living Wage Network, and Living Wage for US will talk about how to advance the living wage movement during International Living Wage Week. This event is for consumers, employers, and anyone interested in helping to move forward living wages as a part of a more just and sustainable economy. The event will take place over zoom from 6-7pm EST and everyone is welcome to tune in.  Register here for your spot in this virtual event.

As always, please stay tuned to Just Economics for exciting events coming up in 2023.  Check our website, our Facebook, and our Instagram to stay up on all the developments in the local living wage movement and our fight for a more just and fair local economy for all. If you have any questions about International Living Wage Week, Living Wage Certification, or Just Economics, please contact us directly at 828-505-7466 or via email eric@justeconomicswnc.org

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