Embracing Creativity and Community at Just Brew It 2024

Asheville, NC, is renowned for its vibrant brewery scene, earning it the title of “beer city” among enthusiasts. Yet, amidst the hops and malts, a deeper story unfolds at Just Brew It, an annual home brewers competition and fundraiser event hosted by Just Economics, a nonprofit dedicated to social and economic justice.

Just Brew It isn’t your average beer festival. It’s a celebration of creativity, community, and a shared passion for craft beer. This year, on June 1st, Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain will be the hub of this lively event, featuring over 50 unique beers crafted by 20+ talented homebrewers.

What sets Just Brew It apart? Attendees often find themselves pleasantly surprised by the quality and innovation of the brews on offer. The economic reality is that commercial brewers can’t afford to be as experimental or exotic in their ingredients as homebrewers who enjoy the luxury of embracing a more artisan approach to the brewing craft. From classic IPAs to experimental blends infused with coffee, chocolate, spices, and fruit, the range of flavors is a testament to the artistry and dedication of homebrewers.

But Just Brew It isn’t just about beer. It’s about coming together as a community to support Just Economics’ mission of promoting living wages, affordable housing, better transit options, and more. By becoming a member of Just Economics, attendees not only gain access to the event but also contribute directly to positive change in Asheville and WNC.

For those looking to elevate their experience, VIP Package memberships receive early entry, a souvenir glass, and exclusive merchandise perks. Homebrewers are invited to showcase their skills and creativity by participating in the competition, while competing for a variety of awards, including the coveted ‘People’s Choice Award’ voted on by attendees.

Asheville’s love for beer is undeniable, but Just Brew It shows that this passion extends beyond pints and glasses. It’s about using something as simple as a beer festival to drive real-world impact and foster a stronger, more equitable community. Amidst critical local conversations about the economic vision for Asheville’s future, the time couldn’t be better to connect around these topics while having a great time.

Join us at Just Brew It 2024 and raise a glass to creativity, community, and a better future for Asheville!

To become a member for $35 (or $55 with the the VIP package included) go here Donate or Join – Just Economics (justeconomicswnc.org)

For more about the festival, go here: Just Brew It – Just Economics (justeconomicswnc.org)

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