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Just Economics has been receiving inquiries regarding the new Living Wage Rate for 2023.  Just Economics is delaying the release of our 2023 Living Wage Rate as we take a deeper look at the rapidly changing costs affecting employers and employees alike. The new wage rate will be announced during the first quarter of 2023 and employers will be given plenty of time to make adjustments.

Just Economics is aware that costs and expenses have been changing rapidly in recent years for a number of reasons – the pandemic, supply chain issues, housing costs and inflation have presented unique challenges to our community.  We are examining  our methodology and comparing it with other certification programs around the country and international standards to find best practices.  We will be conducting listening sessions with currently certified Living Wage Employers, and we will be having discussions among our board and staff to be certain the rate we are using for certification reflects a reality for workers and a feasible expense for employers.

While our 2023 Living Wage Rate is still being determined, we will be pausing our certification process.  No new applications for certification or for renewals will be accepted after the end of December 2023.  As soon as we have finalized our rate moving forward, we will re-open the application portal on our website.

Just Economics recognizes the urgency from employers regarding the new rate for 2023.  We remind you that as always, we will allow our certified employers reasonable and ample time to make any necessary adjustments to retain Living Wage Certification.

We will be releasing the information regarding the 2023 Living Wage Rate in the first quarter of next year.  If you have any questions about our process or anything else surrounding Living Wage Certification, please call 828-505-7466 or email me at eric@justeconomicswnc.org for more information.

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