Hi there. To create a blog post and have it automatically populate to your blog page…

  • 1. Go to “Posts” in dashboard and Add New.
  • 2. Create Title and then enter content into text editor below where you will find options for formatting your text and placing media.
  • 3. Be sure to set a Feature Image that will display on the main blog page where all of your blog posts are posted and previewed. This is found on the sidebar to the right at the very bottom of your Posts editor.
  • 4. Select Publish in top right. View your options. You can save as a draft, publish immediately, or schedule a post to publish whenever you choose.

Each time you create and publish a new post, it will automatically populate in the list on the main blog page. There are many options for creating a post so you may want to take time to search for endless tutorials on youtube that will tour you through the process.

* Once you have enough content ready to go live with your blog… contact me and I will create a menu button for it on the main website which will link out to your WordPress page the same way we have done with the Employer Directory. You can either make this post hidden in your Publish settings for later reference or you can delete it.

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