Smiling Hara, LLC

Address 735 North Fork Road Bldg 1 Barnardsvile NC 28709 Office Phone: 828-545-4150 Website:


Smiling Hara was created in 2009 and spawned from a passion to provide Western North Carolina with an organic, GMO-free, UNpasteurized, local source of Tempeh. We are committed to providing the most nutritious and fresh Tempeh possible, giving our customers the healthiest option and at the same time providing a market for local, organic farmers. We have developed a unique line of Tempehs, including not only the traditional soy Tempeh, but also a variety of legumes such as Black Bean, Adzuki Bean, Black-Eyed Peas and more! We produce our Tempeh fresh every week right here in Asheville, NC.Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or omnivorous, do your body a great favor and incorporate local, unpasteurized Tempeh into your regular diet.

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735 North Fork Road Bldg 1 Barnardsvile NC 28709