Purl’s Yarn Emporium

Address 10 Wall Street Asheville NC 28801 Office Phone: 828-253-2750 Website: http://www.purlsyarnemporium.com


Every knitter knows that you can’t make very much after only a couple of stitches: you need a whole needle full. Purl’s is a needle full of stitches, a place for people to get knit together—to gather and swap yarns, patterns, and projects, to get and give advice and ideas. Purl’s is proud to offer yarns that are beautiful, soft, and interesting, from around the world or just around the mountain—yarns with stories. If you’ve been knit together, dropped, frogged, or reworked (like all the rest of us)—come join us at Purl’s Yarn Emporium, and you’ll leave in stitches.

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10 Wall Street Asheville NC 28801