Asheville Salt Cave

Address 12 Eagle Street Asheville NC 28801 Office Phone: 828-236-5999 Website:


Asheville Salt Cave & Spa, in Downtown Asheville, is a unique place for therapeutic rest & healing. The Cave has an enriched microclimate that allows body & mind to gain relaxation, rehabilitation, & balance. All five senses are engaged in the healing power of nature. Known as speleotherapy, we are the only Salt Therapy center in the United States made of all natural materials – salt, wood, & water. The walls, ceiling, & floor are covered in salt rock crystals weighing 6 ounces to 300 pounds each. We DO NOT use any artificial means of spraying salt. Two natural ionizers feed the Cave, & make it a virtual sterile environment. Our Cave is a unique microclimate, like those found in nature, & is sustainable & growing. No other salt therapy center in the United States can make this claim.

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12 Eagle Street Asheville NC 28801