Advanced Pain Relief Therapy

Address 191 E. Chestnut Street Asheville NC 28801 Office Phone: 828-776-1392 Website:


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Zach helps people with stubborn and hard to fix pain problems finally get back to living life on their terms. And that means they return to a life of little or no pain, with more freedom of movement and increased confidence in their bodies.Here are some of the most common problems that I help people with every week:Low back pain (in it’s many forms, such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, etc.) Sciatica, Hip problems, Stiff and/ or Sore Neck and Shoulders, Bad knees, Weak Ankles and/or painful feet. Most of his clients have tried many other therapies first, with little or no lasting success.

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191 E. Chestnut Street Asheville NC 28801